About me


I’m Fran, and this is a blog about my deep, sometimes researched, sometimes spur of the moment thoughts about parenting, (home) education, slowing down and generally choosing a more deliberate, thoughtful and connected existence (while also raising 2 children without school).

A cancer diagnosis in 2018, and a global pandemic in 2019, were all it took to have me reflecting much more deeply on how on earth I was going to live my life in the world, and whether or not this would involve dragging my children into it.

In April 2019, a mere 9 years after I first clapped eyes on John Holt’s book about unschooling, I got my shit together and decided it was going to be now or never – we were going to try living without school.

With this change, came a million others, big and small.

This is what this blog is mostly about. A record. And a way for me to reflect and maybe share with anyone who will read.

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Fran x

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